Portland Area Sewer Inspection for Your Home?

Whether it’s a new home or an older home, it’s a wise investment to inspect the sewer line. Make sure to scope the sewer line as part of your inspection process.

We now offer digital sewer scopes to save you time and money!

What are digital sewer scopes?

Digital sewer scopes are a way to view, forward, and download your Portland sewer inspection online. We are one of the only providers in this area to offer this service.

Why go digital?

Digital delivery of the sewer line scope to your to desktop is a huge advantage. For example: Being able to forward a video of broken sewer line to the person you are buying home from gives instant negotiating leverage. It is one thing to send them a written report but when they see a video with their own eyes it makes all the difference. Portland sewer inspection has now become a common practice in the purchasing of homes today. With this outstanding technology we are now able to video a sewer line from above ground, to check the condition of the sewer pipe for possible roots, bellies, offsets, reverse grade, and even party sewers. This could cost you, as the new home owner, if not discovered before your purchase.

Protect yourself and your investment!

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